Promoting a brand means telling a story. To describe a product means brings it to life, developing a user relationships. For professionals working in design field everything has to be treated with care and consistency in production as in communication. Conversing with customers, retail and influencers. Innovating the process of buying. Interacting with stakeholders and specific targets.

In online marketing visual communication leads to buying decisions, a conversational approach with high quality content can create and nurture a motivated audience. Iglooo, the Department of the Terzo Piano, is established in the aim to answer to these business needs, providing web marketing services for companies in the design sector. Terzo Piano creates images for catalogs, advertising and editorials. Iglooo, in agreement with the customer, takes care of integrate targeted actions for online communication, creating sites, blogs, contents and monitoring the results.

Together with Terzo Piano we had also developed advanced apps for product configuration, with an integrated marketing plan able to magnify your products for the best contemporary user experience.

Why are we called Iglooo? Because the igloo is a brilliant, simple, reliable and flexible architecture able to adapt quickly to changes. We define ourselves as the Inuit of the web because like the Eskimo people we explore worlds constantly changing, web and design, relating them in a constructive relationship, offering broader perspective, looking for new opportunities.

Contact us. It will be a pleasure to share our experience.

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